10 Best Wireless doorbells – Reviews Updated for April 2018

the wireless doorbell is considered the new innovational tool that any home needs, the industry of doorbells is getting larger year after year, due to the great importance and how this amazing technological tool can provide us not only a better bell but more security and control of our home. furthermore, most of the doorbells are powered by cameras as it can also provide more security and safety. Also, the possibility to know who’s on your front door by watching on the screen from your bed and actually talk to the voice to voice is a great feature that these new doorbells provide.

We totally understand how important to find the right one especially when there are many brands competing in this market when you try to buy the wireless doorbell you will be facing many options and different ones with less and more features. After more than 200+ hours of searching and testing the products, we finally came to the list we are reviewing on our article.

wireless doorbell

In fact, No one can deny that having it at home is very necessary either for modern homes or traditional ones, in the past few years these accessories had a huge impact on the lives of people due to the change in home control.

If we talk about the design , in general, it should be slim and easy to use with the wireless option where you can control it wirelessly using your smart devices like phones and tablets.Also, water-resistant as the doorbell is going to be outside not inside latest technological features that will work perfectly with a smart home.

Let’s not make this introduction any longer and take you directly to this summarized table of which it contains the best doorbells with the wireless feature on the market right now for the 2018 year.

Best wireless doorbells

NameEnergy sourceweightPrice
Battery1.3 pounds
Latest Price On Amazon
Ring doorbell
Wire0.6 lb Latest Price On Amazon
Jacob Jensen
Battery0.2 ounces Latest Price On Amazon
Battery1.1 pound
Latest Price On Amazon
Battery10.4 ounces Latest Price On Amazon
Ring video doorbell 2
Wired9.6 ounces Latest Price On Amazon
Honeywell N Decor
Wireless1.2 pounds Latest Price On Amazon
Zmodo Greet Pro
Wired15.2 ounces Latest Price On Amazon

A lot of people as we interview are facing problems installing a newly bought doorbell, that’s because they didn’t even know that wireless doorbells are available and actually easier to install. However, we also added a full guide on how to install it with ease.

we made sure to list all types that could suit different people. As a matter of fact, there is no best doorbell for everyone. It depends on the home-sized, budget, the purpose of use, some even don’t want a camera included. Make sure to read our full detailed review to find which one suits best your needs. We take into consideration many factors before listing any one on our website. Factors from company background, materials used to fabricate it, reviews, tests, and many others. 

Here are the top 10 best wireless doorbells on the market for the year of 2018

1. Remo-Bell WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell – Best wireless doorbell in 2018 with camera

In our top list is the New Remobell which has a remarkable performance with live video streaming feature that works directly when anyone presses the doorbell button. It’s completely wireless and powered by a battery, also with 2-way audio option to communicate with your visitors through your smartphone directly. 

Furthermore, When it comes to the design and especially the size of this best wireless doorbell, we can mark that it’s bigger than the normal usual battery operated doorbells due to the wireless option it has. The colors available on the purchase are the black and silver. The button is surrounded by a futurist blue led light, so the visitor can find it easily when trying to ring the doorbell. Also a motion sensor along with microphone and HD 720p camera to view who’s in the door with 120-degree along with a night vision.

The Remo-bell works perfectly with IOS & Android. Unlike most wired doorbells this one is the easiest to install and you can do it in minutes.

General Characteristic 

Item Weight Color Power source Dimensions
14.1 ounces Silver & Black Battery 2.8 x 1.3 x 6 inches
  • Easy to install
  • Completely Wireless
  • Live video streaming
  • 2-way audio option
  • Motion sensor 
  • Bigger than normal doorbells 

Why did we choose Remo-bell as top wireless doorbell

Many people who seek for doorbells the worst thing they face after they buy it is the instalation process, remodoorbell can be installed in minutes with no wires and no knowledge needed with camera recording, wifi, two way audio and motion sensor.


Make sure to right after the installation of the doorbell to download the app of Remo-bell.


2. Jacob Jensen – Long Range wireless doorbell

the Jacob Jensen wireless doorbell with a remarkable design compared to the previous Remo-Bell. Very attractive and an award-winning, comes with black and silver colors. with different features, easy to install and use, one of the options it has is the different tune choices and the one only special for hard hearing people.

The only thing you need to do to get this best doorbell with a camera to work is installing the batteries that come with it, take off the plastic tab and it’s ready to use. as we already mentioned it has a long range up to 450 ft. 

Most buyers are very happy with this product due to the high range as it can cover the whole house with batteries included and small led light that detects low battery level.

General Information

Item Weight Battery included Power source Dimensions
0.2 ounces NO Battery 5 x 2 x 7 inches
  • Very light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Long range
  • adjustable Volume 
  • Two-year warranty
  • No batteries included

3. Ring Video doorbell Pro – Best Doorbell with Camera in 2018

Ring video doorbell 2 review

The ring is the company leader in creating wireless doorbells and even wired ones, the pro version of their innovative doorbells is small in size and very good looking with the possibility to customize motion zone which helps to define the right places to trigger the alerts.

The recording and the video are 1080p in quality with a wide 160 degree of view. the storage is sold separately with a monthly subscription which is very low-cost storage compared to other companies offering the same feature. it’s pro because it gives us the full control over the camera

The setup process

The ring video doorbell is a bit hard in the installation process, you need to know that it’s designed to replace an old doorbell with wires. However, you will also need a transformer that supplies 24 volts. So if you have a less voltage power that is already installed you need to reconsider getting the right transformer

there is power kit included with the shipment package that needs also to be installed in the chime box in your house. you should put it in a place where you can reach it with ease. The overall video and audio quality are good enough with full HD streaming and it’s actually the best video doorbell out there.

Size 2 x 1 x 4.5 in
Video supported yes
Performance. great
wireless No

Best FeatureSuitable For?

The best feature in this doorbell is the remarkable video recording quality and the ability to control the perfect place of sensors for the alarm security.

this wireless bell is suitable for big homes and for those looking for a device that is high quality, and most importantly high performance.

Ring company

Ring first purpose of creating is making devices that are able to increase the security of homes and the protection of families especially the break-ins. They are specialized in fabricating home security product related. from cameras to doorbell. In the last few years, they become a leader in doorbells and they created even smart ones. Because of the high demand for turning the house into a smart home.

4. Honeywell E Series 9 – Budget Friendly doorbell

In our third spot is the latest wireless doorbell from Honeywell, it has some new and developed features that we truly loved. one of these features is the ability to add your own music by using the downloadable mp3 option that’s built in the doorbell.

Whenever someone comes into your house you will hear your best music which will for sure make your happy.

The most important feature that we focus on when we did our reviews on wireless doorbells, is the easy to install option, for sure this one has it. There are 3 different sound modes you can make your choice, one of the coolest modes is the sleep mode. So whenever you want to not be bothered by anyone use it.

General product Information

Item Weight Battery included Power source Dimensions
1.1 pounds NO Battery 5.9 x 2.8 x 8.5 inches
  • Budget friendly
  • Small sized
  • Well designed
  • Finest in Honeywell design
  • Custom alert colors
  • No battery included

5. Magicfly Portable – Best under $30

Another amazing one in the spot number 5 comes from Mmagicfly company that gave birth to this tool in 2015 and it’s still selling like crazy due to the price and the great features that we will walk you through.

The Magicfly company designed a wireless doorbell with  The right materials perfectly to resist high temperature and interference, cool classic design. When you try to first install it, you will be amazed how easy it is with a super saving mode.

the best part of  is the non-need for a battery for the receiver with 52 melodies available and high-quality audio speaker

You can fix fix The transmitter directly to the door front with screws that you can find in the delivery box, or you can attach it to the wall using adhesive tapes

Magicfly key features

Item Weight Style Color Dimensions
10.4 ounces 2 Transmitter / 2 Receiver Black 6.3 x 5.7 x 3.7 inches
  • Cool classic design
  • No battery needed for receiver
  • 52 melodies
  • High quality materials 
  • No video & audio option
  • No motion sensor

6. Ring video doorbell 2 – Best wired doorbell 2018

Finally on our list is the Ring video doorbell which is not like any other, as it started as start-up company where it wanted to change the meaning of a normal classic doorbell. it doesn’t only has the ring option as it’s also a security camera providing video recording & motion sensing even with a live cloud storage that you can access anytime to review the recorded videos with a yearly subscription. this smart wireless doorbell has the option of two-way audio which will provide the users the ability to see and respond to a visitor via their smartphone.

The first impression you will have when you see the ring best wireless camera doorbell is the beautiful design. The company takes well care of their customers; as they include full tools to install it. From the screws and raw plugs t the two-ended screwdriver.

Ring wired doorbel info

Item Weight Video option

Motion Detection

9.6 ounces Yes Yes 2.4 x 2.4 x 5.1 inches
  • Great Design
  • Video doorbell
  • 1080Hd video recrding
  • Works with smart phones
  • Speak and see your visitor
  • Wired
  • High in price

7. Honeywell N Decor – Best  under $50

Honeywell company is well known for selling wireless doorbells as we also included a previous latest model, we cannot avoid adding another Honeywell model. This one comes with a modern design, battery-powered and works with 6 push buttons.

Those with a wifi option face is interference, don’t worry as this model has that covered with a self-learning system automatically eliminates interference. The range is very similar to all the doorbells we included in our review and it’s 450 feet which work great with most houses only if you have a bigger one.

The range is very similar to all the wireless doorbells we included in our review and it’s 450 feet which work great with most houses only if you have a bigger one.


Item Weight Battery included Color Dimensions
1.2 pounds NO White only 1.5 x 8 x 6 inches


  • Good design
  • a wide range
  • light in weight
  • low in price
  • auto interference elimination system
  • Only white color
  • No battery

8. Zmodo Greet Pro – Best Video doorbell for 2018

Best video wireless doorbell for 2018

it a smart doorbell that has a great quality with good features, the reason is not up in the top 5 is because of the high price. However, you always get what you pay for right? it’s considered the best video smart doorbell on the market with the ring.

The product is around for some years now and yet a lot of positive reviews and customers are truly happy with it. it has a good design with a 720 pixels camera that delivers a high-quality HD image. with such features, the price is actually budget friendly.

The installation of the Zmodo doorbell is easy, you just need to follow the instruction in the user manual as most people don’t read it. If we compare the Zmodo to the ring in design we would definitely go with this doorbell. Also, there is a smart motion detector included and a two-way audio system that helps to talk with the people who are rining to get in.

It also records the message that someone might just leave it. In general, it’s very easy to use with a real modern design and high display video that can be seen in the app that you can install and find the google app store.

Item Weight wireless Color Dimensions
15.2 ounces NO White and black 5.6 x 5.4 x 2.4 inches



  • Very easy to setup
  • instant alarm detection
  • Great design
  • 189 degree camera
  • two-audio option 


  • High in price 

How to Install Wireless doorbell by your self

Most of us know that choosing a wireless doorbell is due to the easy installation process that we will be handling when we buy our doorbell. However, I would like to add this part in our detailed guide  to help you install it the right way. it’s wireless which means that there are no wires to worry about we will detail 5 main steps that you have to follow.

Video guide installation

There is also a video I found lately from a YouTuber. Who made a really great guide on how you can install your wireless doorbell easily, so check this video out:

Step 1: Find the best wireless doorbell that fits your needs

We have listed many wireless doorbells with different option and prices that suit all sort of homeowners, with that being said. You have to make your choice carefully as some doorbells are high prices such as the ring doorbell. when you try first to grab the doorbell the first thing you have to consider is the waterproof option. Don’t buy one that gets’s damaged by water, some people may say that it depends on where is going to be installed. But believe me, when it comes to weather nothing can stop water from reaching any place on your outdoor walls. Another thing to consider is the range which in general most doorbells have 500 feets and others are old and only work with 50 feets. So be careful about this and make sure if you have a big house to get the one that fits your needs.

Step 2: Where to put the doorbell?

In this step you have to determine where you will place your wireless doorbell, big homes have different entryways. If you have one entryway, then you don’t have to worry about getting a doorbell with many transmitters. The ones who have many entryways will consider buying one with 3 or more transmitters. Other than that, make sure to place it as close to the door as possible to be easily seen by guests.

Step 3: Make sure batteries are in place

Almost all wireless doorbells work with batteries, so this step is very important. Otherwise, your doorbell won’t work perfectly. Some products have only one and other have 2 batteries, make sure the battery is snug to avoid damage.

Step 4: Read the guideline

Make sure to read the guideline that comes with it, some doorbells come with already put in screws and chimes. Others may need the extra gadget that you need to buy separately. Make sure you know your doorbell very well before you try to put on work.

Step 5: Time to attach  the switch

After you finished all the previous steps, now it comes the time you put the switch or the doorbell button in your front door! In general, it will come with 3 different screws and it’s very easy to install it. Otherwise, you can use a glue to make things easier.

Step 6: Reciever install

The receiver is where you can hear the doorbell rings. Make sure to put in a place where you can hear it perfectly

Last step: Test it

You have to test your doorbell after you finish to make sure everything is running smooth and the wireless doorbell is working perfectly.

Having a great doorbell at home would definitely be a great idea especially if you have an old one that needs to be changed with the latest technological developments and get what actually looks like a futuristic in both design and features. Others may also call it battery operated doorbell which is the same meaning as most of all they are with batteries with no need for a wire

General Info

Before we go into the history of these tools we would like to walk you through a simple definition.

Definition of a doorbell

If we ever could give a simple definition to what a doorbell means, it would be a device that is placed near an entrance door for one main reason which is the coming visitor so he/she can press a button. The button will result what’s called a bell rings inside the house that has the doorbell outside.

Why are doorbells used?

The main question is asked: why would people do it? it actually can alert the house owner of someone is outside waiting as some houses are big a simple doorbell won’t be enough. That’s is why there are now in the technology development wireless doorbell which means a doorbell without a wire that has huge technological features. we at our site are specialized in these tools and we created it for those seeking them on the market.


When we say history it means a long time ago, in our topic it goes back to 1817 William Murdoch who invented the first ever called a doorbell, it used at that time a piped system works with an air compressor. In 1831 a man called Joseph Henry created then an electric doorbell that uses wire to ring at a distance. in the 1900 electric doorbells become so known by humanity. and today time came for the wireless doorbells.

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